Cleaning Instructions

In order to receive your full $50 cleaning/damage deposit, we kindly ask that you return the bouncy castle in the same condition as you receive it as best you can. We kindly ask that you just do your best 🙂

  1. Turn off the water to the inflatable (if wet castle). Remove the hose and water tubing from the inflatable. Allow them to dry out separately.   Drain the water from them by hanging over a fence or rail (water tubing & hoses). **DO NOT LEAVE WATER TUBING AND HOSES ATTACHED TO BOUNCY WHEN FOLDING TO PUT AWAY!

  2. Deflate bouncy castle by turning the blower OFF and opening the air release tie. Let all the water rut out of the bouncy castle. TIP:  if some water is pooling and not draining well, physically lift the castle in those sections to release the water

  3. Turn the blower back ON & tie closed the air release string and allow the bouncy castle to stay inflated while it dries out. TIP:  kids are welcome to still play in the bouncy while it's drying out. Depending on how hot of a day, the main side of the bouncy area should dry within 30 mins – 1 hour. Use a towel to dry any pooled areas.

  4. If there is any mud, sand or grass please do your best to sweep this out.

  5. Once dried and swept out, turn off the blower and detach the blower from the bouncy tube. Untie the air release tube to also allow for the air to come out. Allow for the air to come out.

  6. Remove the stakes from the bouncy and FLIP IT OVER onto its BACK SIDE (usually all blue) to thoroughly dry out the underside. The back side is equally as wet and often muddy!  Don’t forget to leave time to dry out the back side!  

  7. Flip the bouncy castle back over and do a final dry on the main side if needed.

  8. FOLD up the bouncy castle. TIP:   fold in halves, putting the thinner / lighter side of the bouncy i.e. the pool areas over top of the thicker / heavier sides. You want to keep the air release tubes as the last section to be covered to allow for all the excess air to release as you roll it together tightly. Use your body weight to apply pressure to help release the air while folding it.

  9. Lift castle and place into bin. 

  10. Use the small plastic bin to place all the smaller items into it E.g blower, hoses, pegs etc.